The team

The network organisers are based at ImaginationLancaster in the Lancaster Institute of the Contemporary Arts at Lancaster University. The researchers are also part of the ‘Beyond Imagination‘ research project, a 13.2 million, 3-year project, which explores and demonstrates how cutting-edge design research can create a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world.

Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves

Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves leads Design for Global Health at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University. Driven by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, my research focuses on tackling community health challenges across the world. He is currently working on understanding cleaning practices and driving infections from homes in Ghana; developing health and care policies for senior citizens in Malaysia and in promoting seafood across Europe through novel packaging design.

Beyond Imagination research clusters’ lead: International, Health.

Alejandro’s main research interests are sustainable architecture and the indoor environment – indoor air quality (IAQ) and thermal comfort – and its connections to health, urban and human behaviours to create healthy homes. Recently, Alejandro has developed an interest in the use of low-cost sensors as research tools and the effect that they could have on residential behaviour, design and human health & well-being.

Beyond Imagination research clusters: Health, Home & Living.

Dr Alejandro Moreno Rangel

LatamHaus is a collaboration between ImaginationLancaster and the Latin American Passivhaus Institute (ILAPH). ILAPH director’s board will be actively engaged in the activities of the network.

Juan Manuel Vázquez

Juan Manuel Vázquez graduated as an Agronomist at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2000, he ventures into the construction of houses with natural materials, particularly with Raw Earth materials and Compressed Agricultural Fiber.

Juan Manuel is exclusively dedicated to building with highly energy-efficient biological materials, such as the Isobioproject. He is also coordinator of the Construction Area within the Bioeconomy Program Faculty of Agronomy U.B.A.

Juan Manuel is a certified Passivhaus Designer (2020) and certified Passivhaus Tradesperson (2020).

LatamHaus is a project is funded through the Global Challenge Research (GCRF) fund at Lancaster University, Research England and the Latin American Passivhaus Institute.

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